Commute by Bike Week is sponsored by Yukon Energy, working with the City of Whitehorse. Why did a company that generates electricity want to get involved in this event?

“For starters, one of Yukon Energy’s key goals is to encourage sustainability, whether that be in our own operations or in Yukon as a whole. In this way, Commute by Bike Week is a good fit for us. As well, we see a time in the not too distant future when electric vehicles will become common in the territory. If we can promote ways of conserving electricity, it means we don’t have to build as much additional capacity. That’s better for Yukon both economically and environmentally.” – Andrew Hall, President and CEO of Yukon Energy.

The City of Whitehorse strives for healthy, low-carbon community where people use a variety of active transportation methods in their daily lives. Commute by Bike Week is an excellent way to challenge ourselves to experience the City from the saddle instead of the car seat.